Born in Butt Lane, Kidsgrove, Stoke on Trent, at a very early age (I was too young to remember the exact year), I grew up in the locality for the first 50 years of my life. After then I moved to Biddulph, mainly to be a bit closer to the Peak District which I love. Now early-retired due to my disability, I can spend more time rekindling a hobby I first commenced as a 'young lad' but over the years, only occasionally returned to it for short periods. Now I would probably list photography as my main hobby. I also enjoy visiting the countryside, canals and the Peak District. Another hobby I have is anything to do with railways, although I don't have a working model railway, I prefer to visit preserved railways, in particular the Churnet Valley Railway, which is close to where I live and to read all about the history of railways in my locality. As for photography, I call myself a 'one-armed photographer' simply because I take most of my photos single-handed. Not because I only have one arm, but because I usually have my over-active dog with me who occupies one arm (and a leg) to keep in check. So apologies if some of the images on this site are a bit 'jerky'.
Note;- This page is still under construction and will be extended later to cover more details. Watch this space!